JSLint.NET is a wrapper for Douglas Crockford's JSLint, the JavaScript code quality tool. It can validate JavaScript anywhere .NET runs.

Get JSLint.NET

JSLint.NET for MSBuild

Wires up targets to any Visual Studio project for development and CI time JavaScript validation. Check it out on NuGet and run this command from the package manager console to install:

PM> Install-Package JSLintNet.MSBuild

JSLint.NET for Visual Studio

Provides a richer IDE experience for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, with underlined warnings and the ability to validate automatically on save and build. Download it from the Extensions and Tools dialog within Visual Studio or from the Visual Studio Gallery.

Other Editions

All flavors of JSLint.NET can be downloaded from the CodePlex releases page.

1.7.0 Released

This version resolves intermittent MSBuild failures in certain build environments. Under the hood, the V8 JavaScript engine is now provided by ClearScript.

Older Releases

See past release information on the Change Log page.


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