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Console Options

The JSLint.NET console application can be executed with the following arguments.

JSLint.Console /? | settingseditorfile | sourcedirectory [/s settingsfile] [/r reportfile] [/l loglevel]

If no arguments are passed, help is assumed.

Switch Table

The following command line switches are supported by JSLintNet.Console.exe.

Switch Abbreviation Default Description
/help /? Displays the help text
/settingsfile /s JSLintNet.json in the source directory The path to a custom settings file if the JSLintNet.json file in the source directory should not be used.
/reportfile /r none The path to an HTML report file to be output by the tool.
/loglevel /l Normal How much the tool should log to the console. Valid entries are Normal (total summary only), Verbose (every error plus a summary) and Silent (none).


The following example will create or edit a JSON settings file in the current working directory using the settings editor GUI:

JSLintNet.Console.exe "JSLintNet.json"

The following example will scan the current working directory using a custom settings file located in the the same folder. A report file will be written to the parent directory and every error will be logged to the console:

JSLintNet.Console.exe "." /s "CustomSettings.json" /r "..\JSLintReport.html" /l "Verbose"

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Qube Nov 13, 2013 at 2:09 AM 
The console application is available as a separate download on the releases page:

austinajit Nov 13, 2013 at 12:55 AM 
where can jslintnet.console.exe located once installed?